Patient Participation Group

Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Our Patient Participation Group (PPG) has been established since 2015.

Our PPG consists of patients who are registered with the practice and who previously expressed an interest in becoming members of the PPG. Our core group currently consists of 18 patients and two staff members, a GP Partner who is acting as Chair and our Patient Services Manager who is acting as Secretary. The majority of our members have no medical training but have an interest in the services provided by the practice.

Patient Participation Groups tend to be set up by the Practice but, over time, they are usually run by patients; it is our aim that in the future our group will elect a Chair and Secretary to drive/steer the group forward.

We also operate a ‘virtual member’ scheme where patients can request to become virtual members thereby assisting the practice with survey’s etc.

Patients who wish to join the PPG can contact Jill Henderson, Patient Services Manager on Tel. 01670 536214 or email

We would particularly like to hear from the young, ethnic groups and the disabled.

The minutes from previous group meetings can be downloaded here:

PPG Minutes 21.03.2018

PPG Minutes 17.02.2016

PPG Minutes 04.11.2015

PPG Minutes 07.10.2015



Survey Results 2014/15

Below are our survey results and report for 2014/15.

Survey Results 2014-15

Action Plan 2014/15


Survey Results 2013/14

Once again our Patient Participation Group (PRG) have again been supporting the Practice with surveys. This year the main survey was on Diabetes as this was in the top 5 areas identified by the PRG, and we have undertaken a general survey which encompassed access to a Doctor/Nurse, repeat prescription ordering, obtaining test results, reception staff and the practice premise. Appointments and reception/administration services continue to be a priority area for the PRG so we decided to undertake some validation surveys to see how things have progressed since 2011/12.

Patient Participation Report 2013-14

Diabetic Survey Results 2013-14

General Survey – Have your Say Results 2013-14


Survey Results 2012/13

Our Patient Participation Group (PRG) have again been supporting the Practice with surveys.

A sample of our members have approved this year’s survey form. The prioirity for this year is Older People Services. Below are the results from our Older Peoples Services survey, our Action Plan and PRG report for 2012/13.

Older Peoples Services Survey Results

Patient Participation Report 2012-13


Survey Results 2011/12

In the last 6 months we have completed 3 patient surveys. Below are the results from our Telephone Satisfaction survey and our survey on Receptionists, Appointments and Opening Times. Special thanks to all members of our Patient Reference Group (PRG) for completing these surveys and for the assistance and input into our final Action Plan.

Action Plan – Patient Reference Group

Patient Participation Report 2011-12